Евгений Крылатов - Подводное царство

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Евгений Крылатов - Подводное царство

Музыка из кинофильма русалочка (1976).

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Anastasia XII
15.08.2011 17:11:43
@MabsFamiliar yay! hmmmm ... is the one played when the mermaid is under the bridge staring at the castle (is played as well in the scene when the witch offers her the deal in exchange for her legs) if you could find it I will be the happiesst girl on eearth
Anastasia XII
17.08.2011 02:47:22
@MabsFamiliar nah it's okay, I know it is played in the film 3 times but it's cool :3.

But can you please find another one for me? It's the ending, when Sulpitius dies and the little mermaid dissapears? it's very beautiful and sad :'(
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